LM295 Decontamination Glove

KeyDefense Kit


The LM295 Decontamination Module is used to decontaminate equipment.


The LM295 is a mitt that fits over the hand and allows for decontamination of an individual’s equipment.

The LM295 6-Pack module consists of six decontamination mitts. They are sealed in soft-pack pouches. Each kit can decontaminate two complete individual equipment operations.

Each mitt is filled with an Alumina based sorbent and sealed within a waterproof protective package. Each case includes twenty 20 LM295 modules.
Using M295


Running the mitt over a contaminated surface physically removes and absorbs liquid chemical agents that might be present. There are no long-term or harmful side effects from using LM295.


LM295 can be purchased in a kit of four mitts, or by the case. Each case has 20 kits of six mitts.

  • Single 6-Pack Module: $67.50
  • Case, (20) 6-Pack Modules: $1009.50

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