M34A1 Chemical Sampling Kit


The M34A1 Chemical Sampling Kit is configured to collect liquid, soil, surface and small solid samples that are suspected of being contaminated with chemical agents. Once collected, the samples can be secured for transporting these suspected agents to a laboratory for analysis.


The M34A1 is divided into four sections for easily locating the components required for collecting soil, liquid, and/or surface samples.

The kit contains Teflon containers and expendable materials for collecting samples two to three times. The jars are capable of containing chemical agents at high (120° F) and low temperatures. Other components in the kit include gloves, tweezers, syringes, scoops, and M8 Chemical Detector Paper. Samples are labeled and packaged, along with identifying documentation for transport.

Additionally, the M34A1 offers the following features:

  • • Commercial off-the-shelf components
  • • Additional equipment to aid in collecting a variety of samples
  • • Self-contained in a carrying case
  • • No breakable components
  • • No components that limit shelf-life


M34A1 can be purchased as a single kit, or by the case. There are 12 kits in each case:

  • Single Kit (36951): $695.00
  • Case, 12 Kits (36950): $8,100.00

Product Information Sheet

This product is considered toxic and must be shipped via LTL freight carrier with HAZMAT restrictions in place.


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