Luxfer Magtech specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of portable, electrochemical heaters, self-heating, shelf-stable, package food and beverage products, chemical detection and decontamination products, and sea water desalinization kits.

KeyDefense™ Detection & Decontamination Kit

Luxfer Magtech has been providing chemical detection and decontamination products to the U.S. Military since 1979. These products are being made available for the first time under the KeyDefense™ brand name to Fire Departments, Police Departments, State and Local Offices of Emergency Management and Hospitals.

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Truetech Self-Heating Technology

Since 1990, Luxfer Magtech has been the sole supplier of Flameless Ration Heaters (FRH) to the U.S. Military’s Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) program. Since that time, we have supplied almost 2 billion food heaters to the U.S. armed forces.

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Created in 1994, HeaterMeals Self-Heating Meals combines our patented TRUETECH Self-Heating Technology with homestyle entrees designed for civilian use.  HeaterMeals has grown to include four lines of self-heating, shelf-stable entrees and meal kits, as well as Cafe2Go beverage and soup kits.

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Cafe2Go Beverages & Soups

In 2009, Luxfer Magtech introduced Cafe2Go Self-Heating Beverage Kits! Cafe2Go is part of the continuing evolution of the patented TRUETECH Self-Heating Technology.

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Chemical Detection & Decontamination Kits

Since 1979, Luxfer Magtech has been designing and producing a line of Chemical Detection and Decontamination products for the U.S. Military.

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Van Ben™ Sea Water Desalinization Kit, Mark 2, Type II

The Van Ben Sea Water Desalinization Kit is a handheld kit that can treat seawater and transform it into drinkable water.

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