Cafe2Go Beverages & Soups


In 2009, Luxfer Magtech introduced Cafe2Go Self-Heating Beverage Kits! Cafe2Go is part of the continuing evolution of the patented TRUETECH Self-Heating Technology.

Designed in cooperation with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) as the self-heating beverage kit for the Unitized Group Ration – Express™ (UGR-E™), Cafe2Go is now available for use for everyone: first responders, law enforcement, fire fighters, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, remote construction projects, and a wide range of field activities.

Cafe2Go Self-Heating Beverage Kits

Cafe2Go Self-Heating Beverage Kitscome with premium brand name coffee, tea, and cocoa products from NESCAFE®, NESTEA® and NESTLE®. You supply one gallon of potable water and we supply the heat! Beverage kits also include the cups, stirrers, sugars & creamers.


Cafe2Go Self-Heating
Soup Kits

Also available is the Cafe2Go Self-Heating Soup Kit featuring Lipton® Brand Cup-a-Soup®. The Soup Kit includes six packets each of your favorite Lipton® Cup-a-Soup® flavors: Chicken Noodle, Beef Noodle, and Tomato.


With a shelf-life of up to 18 months, and no refrigeration required, Cafe2Go Kits are easy to store and distribute, and will go anywhere!  In just 30 minutes, Cafe2Go Self-Heating Beverage and Soup Kits heat 18 cups of water to an ideal temperature. Cafe2Go keeps your cup warm for over an hour so you can enjoy the flavor and aroma you expect, cup after cup.