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Luxfer Magtech has been providing chemical detection and decontamination products to the U.S. Military since 1979.  These products are being made available for the first time under the KeyDefense brand name to emergency responders.

What’s included with every KeyDefense™ Kit?

LM8 – Detect Agents on Surfaces
Detect nerve and blister agents on surfaces
– 1 book

LM9 – Detect Agents in Air
Detect liquid agents in aerosols
– 1 box

LM256 – Air Sampler
Detect the presence of nerve, blood or blister agents in air
– 6 units

LM272 – Analyze Water for Agents
Determine if water has been contaminated with nerve, blood or blister agents at drinking  water levels
– 6 test packs

LM295 – Decontamination Glove
Decontaminate personal equipment
– 6 packs

Training Manual
Step-by-step instructions included in every KeyDefense™ Kit on how to use each product

Carrying Bag
Easy-to-use, easy-to-carry nylon bag

Need Refills?

Individual KeyDefense™ modules are readily available.

Need help managing your inventory?

Ask us how we can help track your chemical agent response supplies.

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