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HeaterMeals® The Self-Heating Meal Logo - Most popular self-heating, home style meal kits designed for military and civilian use


HeaterMeals® Self-Heating Meals combine our TRUETECH® Self-Heating Technology with homestyle meal kits designed for military and civilian use. HeaterMeals® are the most popular self-heating meal consumed by the U.S. Military and the meal of choice for first responders for mass care feeding during natural disasters. 

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The Self-Heating Beverage and Soup Kits Logo


Café2Go® Beverage and Soup Kits are part of the continuing evolution of the TRUETECH® Self-Heating Technology.  Café2Go® self-heating beverage kits were designed in cooperation with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) as the self-heating beverage kit for the Unitized Group Ration Express™ (UGR-E™). 

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