About Us

Luxfer Magtech specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying a broad range of products that safeguard and protect, from infrared countermeasure flares that protect pilots from incoming missiles and chemical response kits designed to help safeguard life in chemical warfare attacks, to nutritious food and beverage options for militaries and first responders.

Luxfer Magtech is part of the globally recognized Luxfer Group, a group of companies focused on providing high-performance materials, components and gas cylinders to customers in a variety of growing end-markets. We, like all of the Luxfer companies, strive to develop close collaborative relationships with our customers to deliver solutions that help improve people’s lives, keep them safe and make their work more productive. Our focus is on demanding applications where our technical know-how and manufacturing expertise combine to deliver a superior product.

Our Mission

We create innovative solutions that safeguard and protect. We leverage technology to design high quality products that our customers around the world rely on and trust every day.

Our Values

From our specialist engineers and sales team, to our production associates and customer care representatives, our dedicated workforce embrace these values as the foundation of the business.


We embrace opportunities, rise above circumstances, accept responsibility for our actions—and deliver agreed results.

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We continuously improve, embracing new ideas, taking calculated risks, creating better ways of working and developing new products and services that ensure our future success and growth.

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Customer First

We make it easy to do business with Luxfer, and we continually strive to exceed customer expectations and be the partner of choice.

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We work together effectively in teams to achieve our common goals in ways that benefit our customers, local operations and global business.

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Personal Development

We value personal talent and potential, and we invest in our people, maximizing opportunities for individual development.

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We deal ethically and honestly with our customers, business partners, shareholders, communities and Luxfer colleagues.

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The Luxfer Group

Luxfer Magtech is part of the globally recognized Luxfer Group, a 1,700-strong organization across 27 countries. The Group is the leading producer of highly engineered advanced materials that help to protect lives, keep the environment cleaner, and make industry more efficient.

The Group has five distinct business units – Luxfer Magtech, Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Luxfer Graphic Arts, Luxfer MEL Technologies and Luxfer Superform.

Formed in 1997, Luxfer Group became a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012 under the ticker symbol LXFR.

Luxfer Group

Products that safeguard
and protect people

We specialize in innovating, developing and then manufacturing bespoke products including magnesium powders, chemical detection/decontamination kits, flameless heating meal and beverage kits and portable flameless ration heaters.

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