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We are Luxfer Magtech.

We create innovative solutions that safeguard and protect. We leverage technology to design high quality products that our customers around the world rely on and trust every day.

Working with organizations like the United States Armed Forces, FEMA and the Red Cross for more than 30 years, we are proud to help protect people around the world with our products.

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Our magnesium-based solutions are used in applications across a broad range of sectors that help protect people in complex situations. We specialize in innovating, developing and then manufacturing bespoke products including magnesium powders, chemical detection/decontamination kits, flameless heating meal and beverage kits and portable flameless ration heaters.

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We are part of the Luxfer Group – a leading producer of highly engineered materials serving end markets worldwide. Our high-value innovative solutions help to improve people’s lives, keep them safer, and make their work more productive.

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