In times of crisis, our humanitarian ration products are used to save lives in some of the world’s most challenging situations. For more than 30 years we have worked with governments, aid agencies and humanitarian organizations to provide products for people in need.

Life-saving products

When a humanitarian disaster strikes, we know that our products deliver nutrition and comfort in a time of need. Our flameless heating ration packs have protected individuals around the world and have been used during major food shortages, natural disasters and life-threatening situations.

Our food and beverage kits, HeaterMeals® and Café2Go® combine our self-heating technology and nutritional meals with a long-shelf life. These meal kits are proven to help sustain life in conditions where there is no access to gas, electricity or naked flame.


Food and Beverage Kits

Customized ration packs


Luxfer Magtech can design and produce customized food ration packs to supply into any humanitarian situation, providing nutrition in emergencies and disasters.  Adaptable to the required nutritional output, we can work with you on cultural and religious menu items to supply food ration packs for any given situation.

Our humanitarian food ration packs will usually include our own flameless ration heater so that people can enjoy a hot meal in the most hostile environments, helping to protect and sustain life.

Food and Beverage Kits

Customized flameless ration heaters

Luxfer Magtech is the leading expert in the development and application of flameless heating technology. Our flameless heating expertise has been utilized to create a variety of products including flameless ration heaters that give the end user the ability to have a hot meal in emergency and natural disaster situations.

Flameless Ration Heaters

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