M295 Decontamination Kit

The M295 Decontamination Kit is used to decontaminate equipment.

The M295 Decon Kit is a mitt that fits over the hand and allows for decontamination of an individual’s equipment.

The M295 4-Pack kit consists of four (4) decontamination mitts. They are sealed in soft-pack pouches. Each kit can decontaminate two complete individual equipment operations.

Each mitt is filled with an Alumina based sorbent and sealed within a waterproof protective package. Each case includes twenty (20) M295 kits.

NSN#: 6850-01-357-8456

Running the mitt over a contaminated surface physically removes and absorbs liquid chemical agents that might be present. There are no long term or harmful side effects from using M295.

M295 Decon Kit can be purchased in a kit of four mitts, or by the case. Each case has 20 kits of four mitts.

Decontaminates Liquid chemical agents on equipment.


What’s in the kit?

The M295 kit contains 4 decontamination mitts that fit over the hand. Each wipe-down mitt is sealed in a soft-pack pouch and is filled with an Alumina-based sorbent. The mitts are then sealed within a waterproof protective package. In use, powder from the mitt is allowed to flow freely through the pad material. Decontamination is accomplished through sorption of contamination by both the pad and the decontaminating powder.

How is the kit used?

Use the first mitt to decontaminate your gloves, the exposed areas of your mask and hood, your weapon, and your helmet. Use the second mitt to decontaminate your a ccessories, LCE, mask carrier, overboots and your gloves again. M295 mitts can reduce the amount of agent that is touched and minimizes agent penetration into surfaces of individual equipment. Since kit only removes liquid hazards, decontaminated items may still present a vapor hazard. Remember, don’t unmask until operational conditions permit and has been determined safe to do so.

Easy equipment decontamination

The M295 Decontamination Kit provides decontamination of individual equipment (protective gloves, mask, hood, NBC overboots, helmet, load carrying equipment, and weapons) through physical removal and absorption of liquid chemical agents with no long term harmful side effects to the user. Each kit is enough to decontaminate two complete individual equipment operations and precludes agent transfer during gear exchange and entry/exit procedures.

No hassle shipping

Shipping is via UPS Ground. No HAZMAT packaging or labeling required.

Volume friendly pricing

Price of shipping not included.

Shelf-life up to 5 years

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