Unitized Group Ration – Express™ (UGR-E™)

UGR-E1The UGR-E™ is designed to provide a complete, hot meal for up to 18 Warfighters in remote locations where group field feeding would not otherwise be possible. It is a compact, self contained module that does not require cooks or a field kitchen for preparation. With the simple pull of a tab, the food is heated in 30-45 minutes and is served in trays to Warfighters like a cook-prepared meal.

One UGR-E™ module provides all of the items necessary for a complete meal to serve up to 18 Warfighters, including group serving polymeric trays, drink pouches, snacks/candies, compartmented dining trays, disposable eating and serving utensils, condiments, beverage bases, napkins, wet-naps, and trash bags. This “Kitchen in a Carton®” provides an entrée, starch, vegetable, and dessert, all of which use polymeric tray containers.

UGR-E Ration w-SolidersThe patented TRUETECH® Self-Heating Technology supporting this ration is a safe, exothermic chemical reaction similar to that of the Flameless Ration Heater for the MRE™. Heaters containing a magnesium-iron compound are sandwiched between the four polymeric trays. With the pull of a tab, a saline solution is distributed to the heaters and the reaction is initiated.