The 2021 US Hurricane Season officially starts on JUNE 1st. BE PREPARED! This week is ‘Hurricane Preparedness Week’ where agencies such as the US Government weather service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) offer tips and advice for staying safe during the forthcoming US hurricane season.

Since 1994, Luxfer Magtech’s HeaterMeals® brand has been a key supplier of shelf-stable, self-heating emergency food and beverage products.  No power?  NO PROBLEM!  HeaterMeals® are the original self-heating meal kits designed to support those affected by these ferocious tropical storms and hurricanes, so that people and families can still enjoy a nutritious, HOT meal, anytime, anyplace. We work with our partners at the American Red Cross, State/County/Local Emergency Management Agencies, and other humanitarian organizations to support emergency feeding programs during the US hurricane season, with responsive and rapid supply of HeaterMeals® meal kits –

Need product available immediately once disaster strikes?  Consider our Vendor Managed Inventory Program available for State? Local Governments and other disaster relief organizations. Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system allows your organization to purchase our EX or EX Plus meals in advance and store them in at our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio at NO CHARGE for the first year.  All VMI customers have access to an emergency contact at Luxfer Magtech 24/7 and having your own inventory already available cuts out any possible production delays.  Time is of the essence when disaster strikes and being prepared is key for your community.

Contact us today so we can assist with your emergency planning and preparedness for food relief during the 2021 Hurricane Season. (Email:  Phone:  800-503-4483)


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