What is the UGRE system and the advantages to military personnel

Unitized Group Ration Express (UGRE) is a type of military field ration used by the United States Armed Forces. UGRE is designed to provide complete meals for a group of soldiers in a convenient and efficient manner. It is a self-contained system that includes both food and equipment necessary for heating and serving the meals.

What does the UGRE system consist of?

The UGRE system consists of pre-packaged meal components, which are typically sealed in flexible pouches or trays. These components include entrees, side dishes, desserts, and beverages. The meals are nutritionally balanced and designed to provide the necessary calories, nutrients, and sustenance required by military personnel in the field.

How are the meals packaged and transported?

UGRE meals can be easily transported and stored, and they are designed to withstand various environmental conditions. The packaging is typically durable and resistant to damage, ensuring that the food remains protected and safe to consume. The meals are also designed to have a long shelf life, allowing for extended storage and use in various operational scenarios.

How do you heat UGRE meals?

One of the key features of UGRE is its heating and serving equipment. Each ration pack includes a flameless ration heater (FRH), which is a self-contained heating device that activates when water is added. The FRH generates heat and warms up the food within the pouch or tray, providing soldiers with a hot meal even in the absence of traditional cooking facilities. The UGRE system also includes disposable serving trays, utensils, and napkins, making it a complete solution for field feeding.

What are the advantages of UGRE in military operations

UGRE offers several advantages in military operations. It provides a quick and efficient way to distribute and consume meals, reducing the need for extensive cooking facilities and logistics. The individual meal components allow for customization and personal preference, accommodating diverse dietary needs and preferences. Additionally, the durable packaging and long shelf life make UGRE suitable for use in remote or austere environments where traditional food supply may be challenging.

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Unitized Group Ration Express (UGRE) is a convenient and reliable option for military feeding operations and flameless heating technology has proven itself over the last twenty years with extensive field use by the U.S. Armed Forces. If you have any further questions about UGRE, or about any of our products, please contact us for more information.

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