CBRN – Chemical Response Kits

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials with the intent to cause significant harm are some of the biggest threats to individuals working in the military and defense sectors. The high-quality chemical kits that we create help protect global communities from the threat of chemical attacks.

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Our CBRN detection products can be used to detect liquid nerve and blister agents, liquid chemical agent aerosols and liquid droplets. They can also be used to test whether water has been contaminated and our desalinazation kits can transform seawater into drinking water.

At Luxfer Magtech we have been producing CBRN equipment for more than 30 years. Once exclusively sold to the military, our products are now used to safeguard and protect individuals who work in disaster and emergency service teams, medical strike response system teams and local first responders.

Chemical Response Kits

Chemical Detection Equipment

Luxfer Magtech produces a range of chemical detection products and chemical detection (CBRN) training kits.  Our chemical detection papers are used by militaries and first responders worldwide in early detection for the presence of chemical agents.  Our chemical detection papers help protect people’s lives.

M9 Chemical Agent Detection Paper is used to identify the presence of liquid chemical agent aerosols. It is designed to detect nerve (V- and G- types) and mustard (H, HD, HN, and HT) agents.

The M8 Chemical Detection Paper is used to detect the presence of liquid nerve (V and G types) and blister (H-) chemical agents.

Chemical Response Kits

CBRN – Chemical Decontamination Kits

In the event of an industrial chemical accident or an attack with a chemical warfare agent, there will be an urgent need for effective chemical decontamination to further protect life. Luxfer Magtech decontamination products are effective in the reduction or removal of selected chemical agents.

Our M295 Decontamination Kit for example provides decontamination of individual equipment (protective gloves, mask, hood, NBC overboots, helmet, load carrying equipment, and weapons) through physical removal and absorption of liquid chemical agents with no long-term harmful side effects to the user.

Chemical Response Kits

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