We advance technology to create high quality products that are used by militaries and defense organizations. Our magnesium products are used to sustain and protect military personnel across the globe, every day. We are proud to supply Luxfer Magtech’s products to the U.S. Military and to other militaries around the world.

Life-saving products

Our engineered magnesium powders are the core component in anti-missile flares that are used to keep air force personnel safe in skies. Our magnesium powders also create military pyrotechnics for tracer rounds to ensure personnel are trained in realistic combat situations.

Magnesium Products

Feeding the U.S. Military

For more than 30 years we have supplied the U.S. Military and other militaries around the world with flameless ration heaters. Whether it is a customized military ration pack (MRE) or in our range of HeaterMeals® meal kits, our flameless heating technology ensures that military personnel can be sustained by a hot meal even in the most challenging environments.

Flameless Heating Products

Food and beverage kits

Through our HeaterMeals® and Café2Go® ranges we have supplied nutritious, self-heating meal kits to the U.S. Military for more than 30 years. Our products are used by military bases, training exercises and frontline combat support. We are proud to help sustain military personnel with self-heating meal kits that have both an extended shelf life and are easy to transport.


Food and Beverage Kits

Products that protect

Luxfer Magtech’s chemical detection kits ensure that soldiers are protected from the lethal threat of chemical attacks, offering advance warning indicators when chemical agents are detected.  Our chemical decontamination products help neutralize the threat associated with chemical attacks.

The Van Ben® water desalinization kit transforms seawater into drinking water, making it a critical emergency product for airplanes, maritime vessels and life rafts.

Chemical Response Kits

Our products

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