Flameless Heating Technology

Luxfer Magtech is the world leading experts in flameless heating technology and the pioneer of products that require a portable heat output, without the need for electricity, gas or flame. Our technology is efficient, reliable and completely flexible. We have partnered on product innovation with companies around the world for their ‘self-heating’ component requirement. Contact us today if you would like to explore a new product concept that includes Luxfer Magtech’s flameless heating capability.

How does Flameless Heating work?

Flameless heating technology is the based on our magnesium alloy blend that, when activated by either water or saline, undertakes an exothermic reaction and produces heat. This gives us the ability to ‘self-heat’ products within a wide range of end other markets, including food & beverage, defense, healthcare and automotive. Our technology is completely customizable whereby we are able to control both the heat output and heat duration for any product solution.

Our original flameless heating product was the flameless ration heater (FRH), giving the active soldier the ability to remotely heat a combat ration without the need for starting a fire or boil water. Since 1990 we have exclusively supplied the U.S. Military with our flameless ration heaters and produced nearly 2 billion units in that time.


Military Flameless Ration Heaters


The HeaterMeals® brand combines the proprietary flameless ration heater (FRH) and presents it within a multi menu commercial offering. Our HeaterMeals® brand has supplied humanitarian and disaster relief feeding programmes with the much-needed ability to give an individual a hot meal and therefore helps to protect life in challenging or remote environments.  We are particularly proud of our emergency feeding support to those agencies dealing with U.S hurricane disaster relief.


Unitized Group Ration – Express (UGR-E)

The Unitized Group Ration – Express (UGR-E) heater system is used to sustain military personnel during operations and allow multiple soldiers to enjoy a hot meal in any environment. The heater uses a tier system to maximize the heat convection process through the food tray levels. Large magnesium alloy heater pads are activated with water to create an exothermic reaction. The heat emission rises through the food tray levels and ensures that the food is hot enough to consume. The UGR-E system can feed up to 50 soldiers.

UGR-E Heaters


Luxfer Magtech partnered with a major US hunting retailer, Tinks, to bring to market a portable product that diffuses deer scent.  The product is a heated lure dispenser containing a pre-loaded scent pad which is warmed by an air activated heat pouch.


  • Heated lure puts more scent molecules into the air.
  • Effective in cold and freezing weather.
  • Air activated heat emission from magnesium alloy.
  • Last approximately 4 hours.

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