Vendor Managed Inventory

Our Vendor Managed Inventory service has proved invaluable to our emergency preparedness customers who need rapid and volume led supply of our shelf stable and self-heating HeaterMeals® kits in emergency situations.

If you are looking to expedite your supply chain and reduce inventory overheads you might want to talk to us about your Vendor-Managed Inventory  service (VMI).

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a commercial service where we take responsibility for making sure that our HeaterMeals volume customers has an agreed inventory position, stored at our Cincinnati facility, ready to ship quickly when required.

Luxfer Magtech can either then ensure that the stock is replenished automatically or work with you to determine the replenishment volumes.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your potential Vendor Managed Inventory requirement.


What benefits can VMI bring to your business?

VMI helps cut storage and operating costs– With Luxfer Magtech handling the quantity and frequency of orders, you can reduce costs associated with personnel and space.

How does VMI work with HeaterMeals?

We produce and hold HeaterMeals® kits for you at an agreed volume and price. VMI then allows us to supply in-demand HeaterMeals® goods immediately to our VMI customers. This also removes the need for holding any form of stock position at your own facility.

How does VMI improve my supply chain?

The speed of stock replenishment is improved, and the risk of running out of stock is reduced. This improved service will ultimately benefit your end-users.



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