Flameless Heating

Luxfer Magtech are the leading experts in the development and application of Flameless Heating technology. Our Flameless Heating expertise has been utilized to create a variety of products including Flameless Ration Heaters, Café2Go®, Flameless Kettle, Ration Packs, HeaterMeals® and many more.

Innovation is a core value of Luxfer Magtech and it is embedded in every aspect of our research and development process. We continue to invest strongly in product development to ensure we are prepared to respond to our clients’ requests by providing innovative technical solutions that harness the power of Flameless Heating.

Our dedicated team of research professionals seek to partner with our customers across a diverse range of projects in industries such as medical equipment, pharmaceutical, beauty, hunting, fast-moving consumer goods, food & beverage and transportation.

Flameless Ration Heaters

The patented TRUETECH® Flameless Heating technology was first introduced for use in the Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) in 1990. Since then we have produced and supplied over 2 Billion FRHs to the U.S. Armed Forces as well as many other international Militaries, commercial users and humanitarian aid organizations to meet their requirements.

The FRH was introduced to replace the need for cooking stoves that relied on highly toxic solid fuels, such as Hexamine, in order to heat Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs) for soldiers in the field or during training exercises. Luxfer Magtech has been, and remains, the U.S. Military’s sole supplier of this product. Our manufacturing system is regularly audited to ensure the highest quality standards and consistent product performance.

Why Use FRHs?

  • Heat the food pouch to (at least) 100 °F (37 °C)
  • No flame or need for electricity
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry
  • Convenient

Why Use Luxfer Magtech?

  • Trusted supplier of the U.S. Military
  • Proven track record of quality product supply
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Compliant labelling and Dangerous Goods Transportation
  • Customizable packaging and design

Why Use Magnesium?

  • Magnesium, iron and sodium composition
  • Biodegradable heating material
  • Activated heaters are non-toxic and can be disposed of as household trash
  • Highly efficient, refined and high-performance heating ingredients
  • For more information, click here to view our whitepaper

Product porTfolio

Luxfer Magtech are a trusted supplier for United States MRE's flameless ration heater

U.S. Military

Luxfer Magtech supply flameless ration heaters internationally, with customisable packaging


HeaterMeals® food heater bags are convenient and compact, designed for use with TRUETECH® self-heating meal kits


No flame or electricity is required for commercial flameless ration heaters, with a biodegradable heating material