Approximately seventy-one percent of our planet’s surface is water covered, yet most of it is undrinkable due to its salt content. Moreover, the earth’s oceans are about 96 percent of all of our planet’s water.

Our ‘Van Ben Water Desalination Kit’ transforms seawater into salt-free drinking water, making it a critical emergency supply product within the maritime and aerospace markets.

Desalinization kits are essential for expeditions over water

Emergency desalting kits can be lifesaving where drinking water is scarce, and the body is at threat from dehydration. The kits can replace the need to store drinking water on board ships, yachts, lifeboats and life rafts.

Our Van Ben Desalination Kits are also carried by commercial airlines and private aircraft for flights that cross over water.

How to use a portable water desalinization kit work?

Each Van Ben Desalination Kit contains 8 desalination treatments. One treatment will desalt 470ml of sea water in 60 minutes. Just fill the kit’s plastic bag with sea water. Add one of the kit’s eight chemical bars to the bag. The process of desalting the water begins.

How does a desalination kit work?

The plastic bag has a filter that will allow only fresh water to pass, and a valve that can be opened and closed for easy use.

Use the mending tape in the kit in case the bag tears. The Van Ben Desalination Kit container is made out of heavy, molded plastic. In the event the bag is unusable, the kit container may be used to desalt the seawater, too. See, we thought of everything!

The Van Ben Desalination Kit is a water desalter kit with a shelf life of up to 5 years.


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