Chemical Detection & Decontamination Kits


KeyDefense KitIntroducing our new Chemical Detection and Decontamination Kit for First Responders called KeyDefense™.  More Information

Since 1979, we have been designing and producing a line of Chemical Detection and Decontamination products for the U.S. Military. These products detect and identify chemical agents and previously, these kits were only available to the military.

In 2010, this family of products is available for use by local First Responders*, including Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, HAZMAT, Hospitals, Medical Strike Response System teams and Disaster & Emergency Services Teams.


There are three categories of products in this line:

  1. Training
  2. Chemical Detection
  3. Decontamination




*In 2012, the State of California’s FIRESCOPE Standardized Equipment List listed five of these kits, the M8 Paper, M9 Paper, M256A1, M18A3 and M272, as required items for emergency and Hazmat first responders.