One of our core technologies here at Luxfer Magtech is ‘Flameless Heating’, utilizing our commercial magnesium alloys.

How do magnesium alloys create flameless heat?

When activated by either water or saline, the alloy undertakes an exothermic reaction and produces heat. This gives us the ability to ‘self-heat’ products within a wide range of end markets, including food & beverage, defense, healthcare and automotive.

Creating a custom self-heating product

We are able to control temperature and heat duration, which means that our Flameless Heating Technology is completely customizable. We therefore have the ability to integrate with an existing product that requires a portable heat source, so that it can in effect become ‘self-heating’.

We also work with product innovation companies on completely new product concepts where an independent, controlled and effective heat source is required as part of the end application.

How are flameless heaters used?

We have been producing the Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) since the 1990’s supplying both the US Military and other Militaries around the world with this fast, lightweight and convenient product, so personnel are able to heat their food ration in any given situation or environment.

Since their introduction, Luxfer Magtech has produced almost 2.5 Billion FRHs. The Flameless Ration Heater, or FRH, is a water-activated exothermic chemical heater used to heat the food within 10-12 minutes. Link to FRH

Flameless heaters and emergency food supplies

This flameless heater then became the key component within our self-heating meal kits, HeaterMeals, that have been a mainstay of US State Emergency Management teams for emergency food planning and distribution.

For decades, we have been involved in the US Hurricane Season emergency response efforts; and (open) alongside our partners, such as the Red Cross, have helped to ensure that those effected have the ability to enjoy a nutritious hot meal. Link to HM

Can my product be self-heating?

We have been involved in innovation projects where our flameless heating technology has been able to completely eradicate the need for electricity, gas or open flame and on completely ‘new to market’ products that have given our partners genuine competitive advantage and new revenue streams for their business.  These projects have required a wide range of heat temperatures and durations.

Our technical teams are confident that on assessing your brief we would be able to integrate flameless heating to deliver the solution you are looking for in your product.


If you are working within product innovation, or have products that could benefit from an effective, controlled and entirely portable heat source, speak to us about applying flameless heating technology.

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