In the North Atlantic and Central Pacific, June to November is hurricane season, bringing with it the uncertainty associated with potentially devastating effects on land, local US economies and human life. The 2020 season, whilst already forecast to be the fifth consecutive year of above-average hurricane activity, has also been facing unprecedented strain from months of the coronavirus outbreak. Where states might normally be campaigning about preparations for evacuations and shelters, this has largely been replaced with public health advice on social distancing and staying home.

At Luxfer Magtech, we’ve been working with organizations such as the American Red Cross for over 30 years to provide communities with rapid support and life-saving resources in times of disaster. Here’s how we’re continuing to do so whilst keeping Covid-19 measures in mind.

Flameless Heating technology & the Flameless Ration Heater

We pioneered Flameless Heating Technology to ensure hot, nutritious meals can be provided in challenging and remote environments. Emergency feeding in times of crisis, such as hurricanes, other natural disasters and military operations. We have been supplying organizations such as the American Military, American Red Cross and FEMA with Flameless Ration Heaters  and related products since 1990. Working with these key organizations, our commercial food and beverage products HeaterMeals® and Café2Go® are easily transported and distributed to sustain life in areas without access to gas, electricity or naked flame.

We also utilize our world-leading flameless heating technology to produce large-scale, customized products on a commercial basis, basing heater and bag sizes on clients’ individual requirements and producing items with their branded artwork. Whilst for group feeding during military operations, the Unitized Group Rational – Express (UGR-E) is an innovative heating system that is used to sustain up to 50 soldiers in any environment.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We can provide clients with an invaluable commercial service where we take responsibility for making sure that products such as HeaterMeals® have an agreed inventory position, stored within our Cincinnati facility, ready to ship quickly when required.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) means the Luxfer Magtech team can ensure that your stock is replenished automatically so that you are well stocked and better able to supply those in need, without risk of running low on supplies.

VMI also means you do not need to hold stock within your own facilities, therefore saving precious time and other valuable resources – meaning your first responders can focus on what’s happening on the ground.

Our commitment to you

As highlighted by our President, Jim Gardella, Luxfer Magtech’s facilities continue to operate to supply products essential to critical infrastructure and humanitarian industries. Our operations remain open, including production and customer service, to ensure we are best placed to support you as you need it.

If you’d like to find out more about our magnesium HeaterMeals® products or our work for emergency preparedness and first responders, please click here.

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